Everything Is Spiritual

by stewart

As basis and throughout its fabric, all life is spiritual. The Creator, through spiritual ether, generates the physical, and everything is connected through both the worldly and spiritual- providing awareness and life energy. Consequently, all life within the physical world exists simultaneously on multiple levels of physical and spiritual reality; each of these two dimensions having numerous planes of existence.

The Light/Creator/God, or highest directing element, originates beyond the physical and spiritual; and in order to manifest, operates in our universe, through ether and different spiritual forms- directing and creating. It is said, spiritual beings exist in endless variety; with each form having its own specific higher directing and delineating aspect. Multiple higher directing elements are created through the Light/Creator and provide overall form and substance to every living thing. Some term these higher directing aspects, “Monads.”

Similarly, the human soul is made-up of a type of spiritual ether or substance. This fabric makes-up the soul, providing life energy. The soul has a center or ‘heart’ which governs both its higher and lower nature. It is said, the Light/Creator created the spiritual form of man/woman, through the Holy Monad of Man/Woman, which breathed life, consciousness and awareness into each person’s soul.

By Higher Design, individually, each person has conscious awareness- the ability to be aware of their own capacity to create, destroy, and freely choose. This capacity is different than other spiritual forms. Consequently, within each person there is an aspect or spark of Divinity, which makes us all most like the Creator. Internally, this energy is our soul’s center and is the driving force or heart which governs and expresses mind, emotion, body and soul. When our physical body ceases, it is this heart and primal energy which helps direct our soul’s travel to the next phase.

So it is accurate to say, everyone has spiritual ability and that all physical life draws its sustenance from a spiritual form. Additionally, since, each person is different there are endless levels of spiritual capacity; these levels being dependent upon each person’s individual life plan, destiny, and capacity to choose.



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