Erosion of Basic Freedoms

by stewart

It is important to remember that this Nation was founded, through a revolutionary process, by citizens who realized the importance of individual freedom in all areas of life. One of the primary driving forces for the American Revolution was freedom of action and spirit, and the assurance that each traveler had the opportunity for a full, rich life; free of oppression by those in power, both economic and political and the capacity to keep what they earned.

Before the Revolution, when the nation was being settled by immigrants who were seeking freedoms in basic life areas: choice of religion; freedom and ability to earn a living-without excessive taxation; freedom to live their lives unencumbered (law upon law) by those in power (European Monarchies); freedom to believe, think and teach their children what was important; and freedom from a ruling class that did whatever it wanted (moral decay) stealing from the people.

This spirit and freedom to become what we wanted, which drove our ancestors to come to these shores and fight for their right to live free; is being attacked both internally and externally by those who again wish to take from us.  Both groups, internal and external, have the same characteristics; they have a philosophy or religion which justifies their activity and is a cover for greed and power. Whether they are industrialists (capitalists), politicians (Democrats or Republicans), or religious extremists their agenda is to take and destroy; and always their action is a violent one.  Is it not a violent act to steal the people’s money or allow the destruction of a whole class of people through old, antiquated laws concerning drugs, alcohol, immigration or continuing unwanted war over oil and other resources?

These problems are not solved, because those in power simply do not want them solved; having other agendas and by keeping people confused, struggling, and entertained (slanting our communication systems) are able to do what they want.

It is heart breaking to watch the decay of a nation and realize that our children and grand children’s future is being stolen from them.  Daily, let us remember:

  • How and why this country was founded?
  • In 1776 what it took to break the chains of tyranny?
  • Over 2 centuries, all those who fought in wars to help keep us free?
  • Let us consider, deeply, what it will take again, to make us free?
  • Finally, as an individual: what personal action we can take to help our country recapture its ebbing spirit and loss of personal freedom?

Remember as a Nation, we have a history of solving this sort of problem. This is our heritage; individually and collectively we must now again travel down this path.


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