Embracing the Journey: Going Beyond Pain/Suffering

by stewart

How does one transcend pain/suffering, ‘embracing the journey?’

When I consider my answer to this question, I have to smile. I really don’t know if I can ‘embrace’ pain/suffering; that is, see it the same way as joy. With many shades, pain and joy are vastly different human experiences.

Note, I have never been one of those people who look at pain/suffering as something uplifting and spiritual. For me, for the most part, these are disagreeable aspects to life and to be avoided. Do we learn lessons from these stressful situations, absolutely. This learning is a higher potential and probably cannot be learned any other way. Additionally, on an inner level, everything is spiritual and has a number of potentials: however, let us not mince words here- in life, when something is bitter- it tastes bitter. Through effort and Grace, if you wish to maintain that we can learn to get past the bitter taste- fine. For me, I would rather have a piece of sweet chocolate and avoid an unpleasant situation. Also, when circumstances over take me and I am drowning, struggling to breathe, I do not have time or energy to consider a higher value or how I should ‘embrace the journey.’ I am just trying not to drown and get to dry land.

If there are mystics somewhere, who have transcended suffering, and consistently experience both pain and joy as the same, part of the Universal Whole, I offer them my sincere congratulation.

As you can tell, my experience has been some what different. When struggling, I call out to Deity to help me. Afterwards, when there is a quiet moment, I have time to consider the learning/spiritual potential of the situation, and thank the Light for assisting. With help from the Light, I feel my pain and work to leave it behind.

Similarly, I try not to get too attached to joy. With emotional states, I find, it is the lingering attachment to the feeling which binds.


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