Each Great Faith Works

by stewart

Q:       How is it possible for each of the great faiths to work?  I am still having trouble with this.

It is a matter of belief; if you take as true or work for something hard enough and the energy is aligned with universal potential- it happens.  By making the statement, the great faiths work, we mean, prayers are granted and these faiths help people draw closer to the Absolute.

Researchers have begun to examine the relationship between prayer, belief and spontaneous healing.  They are questioning people who have been ‘miraculously’ healed after going to a holy man/woman or famous shrine; the researchers are trying to identify the factors that are operating.  Their hypothesis is focused on belief and what happens, phenomenally, when we strongly believe something; testing energy patterns, brain waves and questioning eyewitnesses.

Over the last few years, a number of research studies have been conducted concerning the phenomena of distant healing; similarly the researchers are trying to isolate the operating factors and, a number of studies, have demonstrated the power of prayer, scientifically.  Some of these studies have been double blind designs and volunteers from all religious faiths have been used as healers.

We live in age where science has begun to validate the efficacy of belief, prayer and religion.

From a mystical perspective, when we believe or take as true something strongly enough, or intensely visualize it to its smallest detail, intense energy is created.  This energy seeks a conduit and if this desire/belief/prayer finds the right conduit in the universal possibility, it comes true/materializes in the earth phase.

There is a story that is told about an honest, sincere man who went to request intervention at a local saint’s shrine.  He prayed for restored health of a family member and, because it was an unselfish prayer, his request was granted.

A famous teacher when questioned about this phenomenon and what laws were operating responded in this way.  “All around this tomb, in energy and thought forms, were the collected prayers of hundreds of supplicants.  Waiting for the prayer energy of a sincere person, the other energy joined along with the potential of the situation.  Thus his prayer was answered and a ‘miraculous’ cure took place.  These are natural laws that few today understand or are able to use.”

We must keep in mind that each of the great faiths is a conduit to the Absolute.  This is their function.

Are you saying that prayers being answered are simply the operation of natural laws?

Yes. Remember the mystics call the conscious, purposeful spiritual development of humanity, ‘the science of man.’  How prayer operates is one example of this science.  Also once spiritual laws are understood there is nothing miraculous or extraordinary about their workings.

This higher knowledge is closely guarded and cannot be made available to anyone unless they earn and are prepared for it.  Part of the preparation is sincerity of effort; this sincerity cannot be manufactured or faked.  In this way the higher knowledge protects itself from those who would misuse it.

*              *

We are heirs to a fabulous fortune. O if we only knew how to use it!


*          *

Once you have learned that which you came here to learn- that is the first step. Next you must put this knowledge to work.

The wise are those who serve out of love; making their lives an extension of the Divine Will.


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Alaysia February 6, 2013 at 6:04 pm

Some say the recent rescue of the little boy in Alabama was due to prayer.
I believe we all have this energy. You’re right, with sincerity anything is possible.


stewart February 6, 2013 at 7:28 pm

One has wonder about that outcome? Only Divine Intervention . . .


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