Dandelion Sisters

by stewart

Once there was a dandelion that had 3 beautiful, yellow children.  These sisters used to play in the wind together and were known across the meadow for their sweet fragrance and striking color.  One morning as the 3 sisters opened to the sun, the appearance of one of the flowers was changed. Its blossom, although fuller, was now comprised of tiny, white seedlings.

The 2 other sisters were frightened by their sister’s new appearance and questioned, ‘what has happened to you? Are you alright?’

Gently the third sister replied, ‘do not be frightened. I know I look different, but inside I am still the same.  Remember mother said this was a natural process.  Also there is a voice inside me which is whispering, ‘you have been waiting for this all your life.’

As the days passed, the 2 sisters grew embarrassed by their sister’s changed appearance and rarely spoke to her.  This made the third sister very sad, but her inner voice told her not to give-up.  Eventually she would know the meaning of her altered state.

One windy afternoon as the 3 sisters swayed on the building breeze, the small, white seedlings detached and lifted up into the wind.  And as the seedlings sailed across the meadow, searching for a place to land and their new home, the flower rejoiced.

The next morning, there were only 2 sisters left to open to the sun and both had turned white.

The Lesson 

  • Change is the Divine chord of the universe; daily like the dandelions we grow closer to our journey upon the wind.


  • Remember surrendering to the breeze is natural as breathing; and it is only our fear that blinds us to the excitement of a new life across the meadow.


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