Criteria for Measuring Outcome

by stewart

Q:   How do I know when I am following an authentic spiritual path?

You know this by listening to your heart and are not afraid, threatened or coerced by others. In time as spiritual capacities are developed you will receive proofs of another sort.

All authentic spiritual paths teach about learning, service and responsibility to self and others.  Authentic paths celebrate life and the importance of not causing harm.

To evaluate ask yourself if your path brings you closer to the Light, life force or God?  Or does your path distance you from your higher self and serving humanity?  You will know by how you feel to the answers to these questions.

On your path, if others want money, allegiance or behaviors (out of fear and reward), then, it is best you separate from them for a time.  Use this time to decide if this is the path for you.  If others resist this period of self-examination, be wary.

The Criteria

The inner wisdom or criteria has always been: does the action bring you closer or distance you from your Beloved. For your personal answer concerning each action and thought, learn to listen to your Heart and its own wisdom. Your Heart will help lead you Home.

Super Highway to God/Light

Each traveler must find their own wisdom, and will never be totally satisfied with the formulations of another. While a traveler can benefit greatly from a wise man/woman, ultimately each traveler must make their own way.

What a wise man/woman does is offer training, and is an exemplar, on how to unlock inner capacity to know. That is why there are so many books out there today offering personal visions of wisdom; many travelers have found their own inner capacity and wish to share it. Yet what works for one will not work for another; hence the growing realization that self-help books usually fall short.

Ultimately, it is the grace of a Path and the traveler’s own inner capacity that leads the traveler Home. Waiting inside each is the Super Highway to God/Light; and precious are those who help a traveler unlock their own inner wisdom.


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