Closer to Reality

by stewart

“If you work hard enough, you can be anything you want.”

Really. Anything I want. I just have to laugh.

Unfortunately this is a myth prevalent in our society today. Sort of like Santa Claus. Sounds good- but not exactly true.

Often this slogan is used as a mean’s of motivating young and other’s trying to achieve a goal. Yesterday I saw this offered in a commercial on TV; I believe they were selling exercise lifestyle and products.

How about: If you work hard enough and it is in your capacity, you can fulfill personal dreams; providing of course circumstances go your way and you are able to persevere.

I guess this restatement, is a little too complicated and harsh for a 15 second TV commercial.

If you haven’t figured it out, you cannot be anything you want. It was never true. You may be able to reach higher, but you cannot achieve anything you want. Come on now.

As indicated, consider something like- you can fulfill your dreams, providing you work hard enough, it is in your capacity and circumstances correctly align.

This is a bit closer to reality.


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I think that the author is almost right properly specifying all issues in the correct order. Keep it up, sir!


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