Chaos, Smoke Screens & Ramblings

by stewart


Generally I am not a conspiracy nut but I have to wonder about all this violence going on in our country; in my mad ramblings, I ask myself who benefits from this unrest?


As a country, we haven’t been able to make much head way with the gun control problem, the poverty problem, the drug problem, the race problem and now this shooting of police officers. The political and social system, on some levels, seems to be in chaos- and I have to wonder- can some of this disorder and directed violence against selected groups be by design?


Is somebody or some group benefitting (either ideologically or financially) from this confusion and who might that be?


Please don’t tell me it is the Devil, rich capitalists, drug lords or terrorists . . . Because then we never go further in our thought process and identify individual people.


I wonder about real live people/individuals and why they might want wide spread unrest? Who benefits?


Or perhaps this unrest is not planned and we just cannot get out of our own way; doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past- part of the inevitable Yin and Yang of opposites in the universe.


Certainly, the former theory(conspiracy) is more intriguing and in my mind worth considering; then we can begin to identify who is controlling some of this madness.


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