Breaking Camp

by stewart

It is almost time to leave;

The heat from yesterday’s fire

Drops to a low, quiet burn.

The last few hours

I work to leave this site

Better than when I found it.

As I pick through scattered debris,

I wonder, what is next?


In the new place, will old friends

Help and greet me?

Or will I be on my own?

O the sadness of breaking camp weighs heavily,

And has not been replaced,

By anticipation for the new.


Each stop

Another step

Along the road Home.

Another place to set-up camp,

Celebrate, dance and enjoy

Breathing deep the clean, fresh mountain air.


Over the years, I’ve heard many tales

About the new place,

Wondering: what actually will be there?

Walking through this mountain forest,

Singing my song of change,

I am free to reach upward

And embrace the Oneness

That is all about me.


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