Book Review(s) Light On The Mountain, By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

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Book Review(s) Light On The Mountain, By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Review #1

In the tradition of the Sufis of old, Dr. Bitkoff is a master weaver of stories. Although this is a small volume, it packs a wallop! Light on the Mountain can be read on several levels. First it is an interesting story. The Master appears – but what happens next? No spoilers here. You’ve got to read it for yourself! Besides the plot of the story, this allegory can be read on many levels. It not only shows mankind’s varied response to the re-generation of the perennial teaching, it also shows, through the various characters, the inner workings of the mind when it is confronted with a new iteration of the eternal message. If this weren’t enough, the volume contains an additional element. Something of Dr. Bitkoff’s spirit, his love for god, his faith, his yearning, has been almost miraculously transferred into the very fabric of the pages. Reading this book opens a door of communication and permits a glimpse of the hidden world each traveler seeks.

Michael Greenstein

Review #2

Dr Bitkoff is an experienced spiritual traveler and guide. All of his books seek to elevate our higher consciousness. In this allegory, the traveler is taken on an arduous journey up to the Light on the Mountain. The Light symbolizes our highest state of being, our elevated consciousness, or simply God. The story is educational, creative, imaginative, and fun. It is worth reading.

Stephen Taus, MD

Review#3    Better People = A Better World

I might add that a better you makes for a better person that might be a better solution to a Better World. After reading one of the first publications of A Light On The Mountain, by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, I realized that this is the answer to our spiritual quest. That is if you are truly searching.
If you aren’t searching, well then I suggest you might consider reading A Light On The Mountain, anyway.
Every decade a writer comes along to show us the way. Whether it was the Gospels, the Upanishads, The Prophet, Conversations With God, any of the spiritual teacher‘s writings; you will find this a refreshing story of spiritual conquest. Dr. Bitkoff has traveled the world spiritually to reveal our inner powers to gain wisdom for the lives we live.

Join the quest and discover what it is to live a fuller life by giving of yourself. Dr. Bitkoff doesn’t promise miracles only you can deliver that.

Robert Moyer

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