Blocking Mechanism

by stewart

When people seek spiritual experience or knowing, most often what they are looking for are answers to personal problems about life, relief from difficulties, doing something really important, and sublime or exciting experience. All of this is very natural and understandable; however it is precisely these imprints upon our consciousness which prevent true spiritual understanding from coming forward. This knowing arises from the heart and is bound by love. Because we love and wish to serve, slowly, this knowing percolates its way through our day to day thought.

Sometimes this knowing arises like a beam of light shattering the darkness; at other times it is a soft whisper from the very center of our soul; and at other times it is a love song to the mountains, streams and all living creatures.

Yet, as long as we desire, think about and want spiritual capacity, it will continue to elude us. Such is the blocking mechanism of ordinary consciousness and daily thought.


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