Becoming Our Own Holy One

by stewart

Q: In our culture, who assumes the role of holy one? In more traditional cultures this was a central figure that people recognized easily.

In traditional cultures an important figure was the holy man or holy woman. Often they advised the chief, understood and prescribed medicine, and helped pass along the oral history of the tribe and had an inner connection with universal wisdom and Truth. When a difficult situation arose, this individual was key in helping decide the direction or outcome. Daily they were consulted on a variety of issues.

Today the diverse role and function of the holy one has been spread among a team of specialists. For guidance, we go to a priest, counselor, doctor, psychologist, historian, politician or lawyer. Because of the complexity of some issues, the specialist may not even live in our community, and to consult with them we make an appointment, months in advance, travel to get the advice / treatment and pay a fee.

This model has plus and minuses. Specialists because of training have information and expertise not available to others. In some ways, these people are essential and our culture cannot be without them. However by separating out problems and going to others for solutions, we lose sight of the fact that, for the most part, it is possible to manage daily concerns ourselves. With the “holy one” model, a majority of issues can be solved by one person, who is readily accessible, knows us and is part of our tribe / family.

In both models, there is an over reliance upon others. While it is important in today’s technical world to have the option to work / consult with a specialist, generally, we have forgotten our own individual potential represented by the wise one. With training, we can become our own source of wisdom and through enhanced inner perception manage our own daily issues, consulting with specialists as indicated.

Gradually we are returning to a model of self-reliance and individual responsibility. We are shifting away from dependence upon others and searching for inner wisdom to manage our lives. Tomorrow each person will be their own wise one, consulting with specialists far less frequently and only when required. This is the next stage in the evolutionary process.


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