As The Hour Glass Drains

by stewart

As the hour glass drains

what is important to you?

Each grain is a precious moment

that cannot be reclaimed.

What have you left undone?

What else do you wish to accomplish?

Consider your answers well.

You are not promised another day.

* *

The hour of one's death is fixed.

What is not fixed

is how we spend our life.

Use these hours well.

They are as precious

as any treasure

you will ever find.

* *

If you were about to die

and the Angel of Death

gave you time to do one thing,

what would that be?

Consider your answer well.

It will describe

how you lived your life.

And if you are unhappy

with your answer,

remember while you are alive

there is still time to change!

Also by Dr. Bitkoff, which you can purchase via Amazon: Sufism for Western Seekers.

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