All That Glitters

by stewart

Turtle was resting outside his burrow and noticed a shiny object on the distant hill.  As he rushed (for a turtle that is) and approached the object; it continued to glitter in the sun, like a fine piece of gold.  Turtle was growing excited and began to dream how he was going to spend the money from his find.

As turtle reached to pick-up the object, he realized it wasn’t a piece of gold at all, but the shiny back of a scorpion whose shell was acting as a reflector.

Quickly, before disturbing the sleepy scorpion and getting bitten, turtle turned around and rushed (for a turtle that is) back to his burrow for safety.

The Lesson

  • In a spiritual search, often travelers are attracted to the flashy and shiny; seeking instruction from famous, glamorous and even exotic personages. Initially, these teachers look and sound real good. They may even appear on public television, the religion channel or in a large, fancy Mosque or Church; but after a time, their message and instruction may waste your time, turn around and even bite you; leaving you empty.
  • Most often the real hidden guides of humanity look like everyone else, live next door and spend a great deal of time deflecting potential students. They have real work to do, and unprepared, self seeking students take up much time.
  • In this story, Turtle realizes at the last moment, he was mistaken to be motivated by greed; this shiny, dangerous object was not for him and potentially deadly (to a spiritual search). -SB














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