A Time With Out War?

by stewart

The other night I was watching a show on the history channel. It was about all the technological advances that occurred as a result of different wars. Many of these coming as a result of scientific and engineering development to more efficiently kill the enemy.

This program touched on better weaponry from the beginning of time, but most notably over the last 3000 years. As I sat and watched, I began to wonder has there ever been a time when we weren’t killing, slaughtering and trying to take from each other.  While these engineering and technological advances, in many instances, moved us forward, benefiting humanity in other areas: I just wondered at the chaos, destruction and seemingly inborn need for the stronger to take from the weak. How many soldiers killed, women raped and babies tossed aside?

Then I realized anew, this need to demonstrate our superiority through force and savagery has always been with us. Again, I asked myself this question: will there ever be a time without war? A time when we no longer need to prove we are better by destroying and taking from someone else?

Softly, like a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s night, my heart whispered: this is the Great Wheel of Life turning, leading us forward, providing choice and opportunity. Yes, one day the poet’s dream will come to pass and the weaker will again join their stronger brother, embrace and travel the universe together, as equals. This is the Prophecy and for now is the song your heart and the hearts of others must sing out.

Remember, one day tomorrow’s children, will again make this dream a Reality.


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Alaysia July 15, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Wouldn’t it be nice if our tomorrow’s children had to turn to a dictionary to find the meaning of the word war?


stewart July 15, 2013 at 9:45 pm

That would be wonderful; unfortunately I think it is still a distance away. Hopefully, I am wrong . . .


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