A Blessing

by stewart

Herein is related a tale

As old as time itself.


Once there was a King

Who eyes sparkled more

Than the brightest stars.

Love of all things made his/her heart

A fountain of wisdom and joy.


This magnificent King

Had a son/daughter.

As time passed

This son filled with curiosity

And sought to grow in the garden of life.

The King sensing it was time for leaving the nest

Called the young man to his side.

And with much sadness the King spoke:

My son now you are ready to leave.

This I can feel in my heart.

You are of age

And I must tell you

Of your heritage and responsibility.


As you travel through the land

You meet good and evil.

The good will taste of Divine Love

And evil of the Deceiver.


Each is weak and alone;

But when we remember God’s Love

And let it shine on our heart

We are as strong as the mighty river.

Our weakness is the Deceiver’s strength.

If we ask the Father/Mother

He will guide us Home.


Remember, each shall be called

To answer for their travels and service.

So journey on my son

And on the other side

We shall meet again.


Here taste my caress,

May it guide you in God’s Service.


Then the King

Placed a tender kiss of blessing

On his son’s forehead.

For centuries, this tale

Has been told to those

Who are beginning their travel

as full, conscious beings.


For each there is an hour of departure;

And the Grace or Baraka of the Path

Lifts them up; protecting their journey.


Then the real work and service begins.




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